The Light & Shadow Gallery was established primarily to display and sell the exhibition archive prints of Max Dupain. I had been promoting and selling Max’s work on-line at maxdupain.com.au for over 12 years and had been asked many times if there was a gallery of his works. When the opportunity arose at the end of 2017 for a gallery space in Leura, I jumped at it. The Gallery opened early February 2018 and while it closed a year later it continues as an on-line gallery to exhibit high quality photography. I hope you enjoy the wonderful photography by talented artists represented by the gallery.

Warm regards,

Peter White

Director, Light & Shadow Gallery

Inside the Gallery

In the Max Dupain Gallery Room

Stairway to (photographers) heaven

Peter Hill’s exhibition launch

The main gallery room

Ceramics by Steve Sheridan

The iconic Sunbaker 

Prints by Jill White

The 150cm Sunbaker

Wilpena morning (canvas) by Peter Damo