Len Metcalf

Len is a well recognised Sydney based photographer who specialises in teaching digital photography and mentoring students with a love for this art form. Len has won photographic awards, exhibited here and overseas, lectures to camera clubs and sponsors photographic competitions. His work is focused on landscape, still life and nude genres.

Len began his obsession for photography in the late sixties when his father gifted him his first camera. Growing up in Australia’s spectacular Blue Mountains provided Len with an endless array of incredible scenes to capture. He particularly loves the light and mood of misty wet landscapes, abundant in that region.

Len has become renowned as a leading photographic educator through teaching, mentoring and facilitating innovative workshops and tours. His exquisite photographs capture diverse Australian landscapes, from arid deserts and windswept coasts to his backyard in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. He runs his own photography school, has exhibited widely and writes for photography journals around the world.

Artist statement

“I see myself as an artist that communicates through the medium of visual arts and words.  I have been searching for my own unique voice for my whole life. It started in whispers and grew in confidence that now is clear and loud.  My work talks about our relationships with mother nature, wilderness and about community.  I wish to see an inclusive community that is supportively diverse and rich with people of all races and sexualities. Gender inclusive. One that works closely with nature in a nurturing environment.  One that honors our past and the source of our life.”. – Len Metcalf, 2019


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On the Donaldson River


Locklies Pylon, Blue Mountains

Sundown Point

Nude reflection