Peter Damo

Peter Damo lives in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. He enjoys a close relationship with nature and has a spiritual practice that is sympathetic to his creative passion, photography.

While most of his photography over the past twenty years has been traditional documentary style of landscapes, street scenes and still life, he has recently explored a multi-layered approach that moves beyond the literal capture of actuality to convey the fluidity and illusory nature of the surface world we take for granted.

This style, which he has labeled ‘elemental fantasy’, produces a complex, ambiguous image, sometimes with recognisable features and subjects, often an amalgam of abstract patterns and shapes that invites the viewer to look further into, rather than at, the image.  

This elemental approach superimposes multiple digital images of landscape and still life subjects into composite images that challenges and intrigues the viewer. Sometimes looking like a watercolour painting, othertimes more a definitive abstracted statement of ambiguity, rather than actuality. The image invites the viewer to look further and further into the canvas to discover subjects that once discovered enhance the overall painterly effect. Beautiful and challenging.

Artist statement

As a photographer you see many things which escape the eye of the average person. Its not that the world is invisible to others, rather that the elements that comprise it are either isolated or included to create an artistic interpretation.” Peter Damo – 2014


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Wilpena morning

Cloudy Bay

Advancing Kelp


Flannel flowers

Shore Light III