Peter Hadjimichael

Peter Hadjimichael is a Blue Mountains based photographer. Photography is an integral part of his self-expression. After many years of practice, Peter has developed an eye for finding beauty in the ordinary and even in what is often considered unsightly. This may take the form of random marks on a supermarket carpark, miniature worlds on rusty metal or the landscape after devastating bush fires. He finds that this helps to maintain a fresh outlook in the face of the ordinariness of daily life.

Since living in the Blue Mountains his practice has centred on the natural environment. The main areas of his work include traditional landscape photography, both colour and monochrome. He is also interested in macro and abstract photography.  In his images, genres are not always distinct and separate. It is this overlap that fascinates him.

Photography engages and connects Peter with nature, providing a counterpoint to modern life. He seeks to create images that reach beyond the literal and that invite subjective responses. His images direct the viewer’s attention to often unperceived elements of the natural world.

Artist statement

“What appeals to me about photography is that, although it is apparently realistic, great photography in fact allows the viewer to interpret the image in a deeply personal and often metaphorical way. I endeavour to create images that reach beyond the literal and that invite subjective responses. In sharing my images with others, I invite the viewer to reflect upon often unperceived elements of our world.”. – Peter Hadjimichael, 2019


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Stone fish

Blue rust

Morning light


Sandstone figure

Transient pool