Welcome to the LSG shopfront. Here you can purchase prints made by Max Dupain and Jill White (via links) and other fine art photographs by exhibited artists. The cards and books of Max Dupain and Jill White are located in our Max Dupain Photography website.

Max Dupain OBE AC

The creative work of Dupain is the primary reason for visitors coming to my gallery and it is wonderful to hear how his work has touched people’s lives. I have been selling Dupain’s iconic images for nearly 15 years. I sell everything that is exhibited in the gallery on the Max Dupain website. The exception are the hand prints of Max’s and other iconic photographers in the Collector’s Room which can be inquired about via the contact page here. To view the products such as fine art prints, Edition prints, vintage prints, mounted prints, books, cards and posters, visit the Max Dupain website.

Jill White

Jill managed Dupain’s studio over 25 years between 1958 and 1992. She learnt photography on the run so to speak from Max and other photographers that worked in his studio. Her beautiful colour and monochrome work, especially her still life organic and landscape images, have been exhibited since the opening of the Gallery. You can see some of her work on the the Max Dupain website.

Peter Hill

Peter is a Blue Mountains photographer specialising in monochrome and monochrome infra-red photography.

Ian Brown

Ian exhibited at the Gallery in May-June displaying his beautiful landscape and still life images. Some of his framed prints and reproductions are still in the Gallery.

Peter Damo

Peter Damo lives in Leura. He has developed a unique style of photography that produces ‘photographic painting’. This approach superimposes up to 10 digital images of landscape and still life scenes into a composite often colour image that is multi-layered and intriguing.

Len Metcalf

Len is a Sydney based photographer who has an established reputation for sensitive, intimate images across the genres of landscape, nude, portrait and still life. Len has been photographing over the past four decades and has an extensive portfolio, especially monochrome images.

Fine Art Prints

Exhibitor fine art prints are available in 3 different sizes

Matted Prints

Exhibitor matted prints are available in 2 different sizes


A selection of Max Dupain and Jill White photographs are available for purchase as cards on the Max Dupain website.


A selection of Max Dupain's photograph collections are available as books on the Max Dupain website.