Peter Damo

Peter is a local Blue Mountains resident who enjoys the challenge of landscape and still lfe photography, in local areas as well as around Australia and the world. In recent times he has gravitated towards conveying the ambiguity, the mystery, the divine found in every aspect of nature. While one image can convey these qualities, Peter has stepped beyond attempting to achieve this using one image and conveying abstraction and ambiguity through overlaying multiple images, sometimes more than ten.

This multiple overlay approach, the hallmark of his Elemental Fantasy series exhibited at the Gallery and displayed here, provides the viewer with another perspective towards perceiving and interpreting the world. Through engaging with an image that is not literal, not clear-cut but bubbling with hidden and ambiguous shapes and landscapes, he challenges us to view reality not with the literal, rational eye but using our under-developed eyes of the imagination, heart and soul. It is with this depth perception that may lead us into an unlimited, creative inner space of heightened meaning and appreciation for the mystery and subtlety of life and its inhabitants.