Timothy Moon

I studied Architecture at Sydney University, later setting up my own architectural practice. At school, I had majored in Art for my HSC and was among those who had no idea what they might do to earn a living as an adult. My art teacher at the time suggested studying Architecture or Industrial Design.

During my architectural studies I had the opportunity to learn how to develop and print my own black and white film photographs. I saw the camera as a device to record information for my architectural career, rather than a device to create works of art. I relied on my sketching and drawing skills to capture landscapes, and study the world around me.

It wasn’t until my wife discovered landscape photography a few years ago, that my interest in landscape photography as an art form was ignited. Capturing, refining and distilling the essence of place was something I aimed for in my Architectural work. It seemed this approach was one I could continue into my photography. The challenge of seeing with fresh eyes is one I enjoy. I aim to capture atmosphere and mood in my landscapes, as it would be through this process that a connection with the viewer could be more readily established.


Australian Photography Magazine Awards 2018
Runner up in the Photographer of The Year Landscape Category

Proify International Awards 2018
Honorable mention and overall third place

Better Photography Magazine Photo of The Year 2018
Winner of the Classic Landscape Category

Focus Awards 2018
Photographer of The Year

Australian Photography Magazine Awards 2017
Photograph of The Year Award for the aerial image “The Wave”

Siena International Photo Awards 2018
Honorable Mention in the Beauty of Nature Category 

Exhibited at Gaffa Gallery with Wanderlust Imagery


(Available for purchase within Selected/Collected Works sections)

Kirkjufell Aurora

Empty Quarter

Dancing in the Mist

Lady of Snaefellsnes

Pumphouse Point

Black sand flat